Sunflowers make up the genus Helianthus. In Greek helios means sun and anthos means flower, thus Sunflower. The genus, which contains about 67 species, is thought to be native to the Americas (North, South) originally, and were domesticated around 1000 B.C. Although, Sunflowers are now distributed almost worldwide.
The large, solitary Sunflower blossom, sometimes as large as a meter in diameter, is composed of yellow ray flowers and a central disk.n The Central disk is composed of either yellow, brown, or purple flowers, depending on the species. The flower is actually a head (formerly composite flower) of numerous flowers crowded together. The outer flowers on the Sunflower are the ray florets and can be yellow, maroon, orange, or other colors. These flowers are sterile. The flowers that fill the circular head inside the ray flowers are called disc florets.

Facts About Sunflower

  • Sunflower is the national flower of Russia and the state flower of Kansas, USA.
  • Sunflower is notable for turning to face the Sun, a behavior known as heliotropism.
  • Sunflowers were cultivated by Native Americans well over 1000 years ago.
  • Sunflower heads consist of 1,000 to 2,000 individual flowers joined together by a receptacle base. The large petals around the edge of a sunflower head are individual ray flowers which do not develop into seed.
  • Sunflower seeds have lots of calcium and 11 other important minerals. They do have 50% fat, but it is mostly polyunsaturated linoleic acid.
  • Wild Sunflower is highly branched with small heads and small seeds, in contrast to the single-stem and large seed head of domesticated sunflower. Sunflower perfumes are also popular.
  • According to the 1996 Guiness Book of Records, the tallest Sunflower ever grown measured 25 feet 5 and 1/2 inches. According to the 1996 Guiness Book of Records, the smallest sunflower ever grown to maturity measured 2 and 1/5 inches. According to the 1996 Guiness Book of Records, the largest sunflower head measured 32 and 1/4 inches across.
  • The Modern Sunflower Kitchens have a large number of sunflower decorated items like sunflower painted crockery, Dinner sets, and living rooms with sunflower wallpaper, S. wallpaper art, S. Wallpaper borders, Sunflower rugs, Sunflower pillows.
  • Golden mini Sunflowers herald sunny summer days. The carefree sunflower bouquet sends cheery wishes for all those special occasions – birthday, wedding anniversary, new baby, get well, or to simply say thanks.