Fresh cut flowers delivery, directly to your door

Farm Fresh Flower delivery is vital to the success of any flower business. If you are a flower business owner, and you want to make your customers feel the magic wrapped inside petals, than you understand that flowers are not just the fruit of some plants that look and smell good. But they also posses the unique energy and vibration that can express love, friendship, peace, happiness and many other positive feelings without the need of the use of words. That’s how important you and your business are. You do not want to put your trust in the hands of someone not capable of carrying out your sentiment. Farm fresh flowers delivered to your door at low cost must also be done with touch and elegance.

On the other hand, we understand that selling flowers is your business and every business must be profitable. That’s why we want to share with you the secret of large and successful florists: they buy farm-direct flowers as much as they can.

Here at Farm Fresh Delivered we understand flowers. We live around them and had worked as farmers too. We are blessed to have been around some of the best growers and learned from them.

Our humble beginnings had brought to us the honor of knowing many of the growers and their families by their first names.

Beware of those companies that claim to deliver fresh cut flowers from farms but end up delivering a headache.
We are also very proud to serve as the link between your flower shop and many deserving flower farmers in Colombia and other places in South America.
For example, by dealing with Colombian Hydrangeas you are giving farmers the chance for a better future. Your next order will help their families directly by providing a better education for their children.

Also, When you buy flowers direct from the farm you will enjoy these benefits:


    We help you buy direct from the farm and save 20 to 50%.


    Lower wholesale prices put more profit on your bottom line!


    Fresher product means less waste and more repeat sales. Our cut flowers ship fresh from the farm direct to you, not first to a local warehouse.


    We work hard to make your job easier. When you order from us, the farm gets notified and our friends will cut the order of flowers, pack them efficiently and safely send it right to your door.


We represent some of the best growers and insist on consistent quality. We’re looking for long-term relationships, not a quick sale. Remember, it is also our goal to help humble but deserving farmers to prosper and they work hard to prove why they are the best growers in the field.